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At AESPL, Education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of the society. This realization led us to our embarking on a journey of providing modern pedagogy and quality infrastructure in education. Trust ,Transparency, Safety, Quality and the Environment are the most important concerns of our company and we follow strict safety regimes and strive to continuously improve its performance. We at ASPIRE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. take pride in our achievements which we attribute to the dedication of our management and staff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of our company’s success. Our loyal team of workers & professionals has always succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises, we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of clients.

Tauseef Ahmed Lone

Great Investment Opportunity in Education


ASPIRE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. (AESPL) is a Srinagar based startup founded in 2012 and working towards refining the prevailing educational setup in the valley to bring education at par with international standards. At AESPL we worked on an idea of an International School in Kashmir, validated it, came up with a business model, developed a viable knowledge-based product and made it ready for commercialization.

But what was the need for initiating this ?
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Kashmir : Education In Crisis and Conflict

While only 12.95% of the people in J&K in 1960 could read and write, today the share has reversed. As per the 2011 census, J&K has 78.26 literate percentage. Clearly, a sign of substantial progress, one would say. Unfortunately, not really !! J&K is subsumed as educationally backward in reference to the established indices namely literacy rate, teacher pupil ratio and dropout rate.The gap in quality education at grassroot level leaves a void in our social development, which has far reaching implications. Education is for life and helps in humanitarian development,and the overall development of a society in the long-term. The combination of a lack of social skills, lack of educationand loss of hope and happiness stemming from growing up in a place like Kashmir often create conditions for “schooling without learning” - indeed a wasted opportunity.

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The Problem :

  • Our results for securing UG level admissions are very poor.
  • Poor infrastructure, shortage of a skilled workforce and lack of standards impact the quality of education in usual private Schools.
  • Our graduates with Professional & Technical degrees are completely lost.
  • Without proper education, instability can become entrenched, harming successive generations.

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The Solution :

We can change these trends if we make learning a priority, by action in these three key areas:

  • Strong Literacy Skills
  • A solid foundation in HOLISTIC EDUCATION (literacy) can be an essential aspect of career advancement or success.
  • Digital Literacy
  • In a world that is becoming more technology driven on a daily basis, this skill-set is growing increasingly important.
  • Culturally Relevant Literacy
  • We need to create a culturally aware classroom environment that enables students to apply the principles they learn to daily life.
  • The idea of leadership is at the core of the solution.
  • To meet our burgeoning Education needs, people will have to join hands to build infrastructure and the skill sets required to deliver quality and care.
  • Scope for an International School model which will be the catalyst of change for schools outside its own network as well. Conventional modes of investing are required but these need to be aided by innovative modes of funding to improve Investments More & more people need to engage towards refining education.

AESPL Vision and Mission

Mission Statement : To create solutions that will help in making Education easy and accessible for everyone. To develop world class infrastructure and provide international exposure to make our youth future ready and leaders of tomorrow.

 AESPL Vision

    Vision Statement :

  • To become a world class institution that enables children of today to become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.
  • To pioneer and serve as a catalyst for educational innovation and reform, delivered across all strata of society, while collaborating with relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide an Alternative For Investment.

From Idea To Reality

In 2012 few like minded people joined hands and wanted to address this problem. Consensus was built on building a framework that will go a long way in overhauling the prevailing Educational setup in the valley.

  • For any idea to become a reality INVESTMENT lies at the core of it.
  • After due research and reading about several investments models, it was decided that we will raise Investments from people using PRIVATE EQUITY BASED MODEL.
  • Aspire Educational Services Private Ltd.(AESPL) was thus created.

    Across emerging markets, like Kashmir middle class are growing, and with this growth comes aspiration for high-quality education and willingness to invest in Education. This demand for high-quality Education has driven a need for private sector involvement in the education sector, thus filling the gap created by the rapid increase in demand for education.

    Market Opportunity

    Going forward 2000 private schools would be required over the next 5-6 years. Given that Kashmir still needs 2,000 schools, 50 colleges and 10 universities to educate its 1 million school-aged children by 2025, there is a bright future for private players to venture in the education space.

    Private Capital in Education

    • Increasing Access
    • Inspiring Innovation and
    • Improving Outcomes

Take the right step,
do the big things.

Invest for Future Generations.

Management Team

To bridge the gap four people joined hands with a mission to be trend setters for the education all establishments in the state of J&K in terms of quality and holistic development of our society.The team represented Aspire Educational Services Pvt Ltd. Promoted with a deep rooted vision by founders who have a comprehensive knowledge, both strategic and operational, of the education industry.

Tauseef Lone (Director)
Three National Award for Project Planning and Implementation

Associated with telecom gaints like Airtel & Ericson India, Tauseef an engineering graduate is the recipient of three national awards for project planning and implementation. He has held positions like Head Project Management & Head Planning.

Dr. Sheema Shah (Director)
Doctor and a Social Worker

Dr. Sheema Shah is a medical doctor working in the field of education for the last 15 years. She is a social worker and has an excellent acumen of the needs for new age educational institutions. She has visited many institutions in the country and abroad to understand the current trends in the education sector. She is a certified Early Childhood Educator and is also a member of ECA, India.

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